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How does SalesOptimize work?

Find your eCommerce sales leads in 4 easy steps.

Search by Product or Website URL

SalesOptimize is the perfect tool for anyone wishing to sell to eCommerce retailers. Say for example you’re a manufacturer, and want to find online stores to resell your product. By using our search engine, you can simply enter a term such as ‘guitars’, click search, and you will find the online stores that sell guitars. Alternatively, if you want more information about a specific website, just type the URL into the search box.

Click the ‘info’ button to get a more detailed analysis on each website. This includes: contact data, Alexa ranking, shipping and payment info, eCommerce shopping cart technology, marketing automation tools, and more.

Target your customers with refined filters

Let’s refine your search to get more targeted results and find that perfect customer. Here, you can incorporate filters that will return a list of websites to match your search criteria. These include:

  • Business country
  • Payment processors: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Elavon, etc.
  • Shipping companies: DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.
  • eCommerce shopping cart technology: Magento, Shopify, etc.
  • Marketing automation tools: Hubspot, MailChimp, Marketo, etc.
  • Merchant score, i.e. estimated annual sales revenue
    (Ranging from 1 star = <$250K to 5 star = >$20M)

When you click the search button, you will find the online stores that sell guitars in the business countries you’ve chosen, along with their merchant score, what eCommerce technology they’re using, and any other filtered information you’ve selected.

Purchase your leads

So you like this particular company and want to buy the information as an elead? Great! Simply click ‘Purchase’ and then select either ‘Export to CRM’ or ‘Download.’

Export to a CRM platform that suits you

Once you’ve purchased each sales lead, you can export these to your CRM software. We are fully integrated with Salesforce and Close.IO, with more integrations coming down the pipeline! Exporting to your CRM is quick and easy, you just need your Close.IO or Salesforce login details (API key may be required). Alternatively, you can select the download button to save these e-leads as excel or .csv files.

Benefits of SalesOptimize

Revenue and Sales Efficiency

  • Select from over 1.7M online retailers & fill your pipelines with 1000s of qualified leads
  • Review each lead in advance before purchasing
  • Select leads based on technology, shipping, and payment companies
  • Sell to bigger merchants using our scoring algorithm
  • Save so much time prospecting & qualifying leads. We scan the internet so you don’t have to
  • Reduce your sales cycle time by selling to merchants with easy integration, e.g. payments, fraud prevention software

Competitor Analysis

  • Filter by your competitors to see who is winning the biggest retailers online
  • Find out which merchants are using particular shipping companies, payment processors, marketing analytics tools, etc. We continually scan and crawl the internet on a regular basis, by adding and enriching new and existing sites each month

Market Size

  • This is a revolutionary tool, as it allows you to size your market opportunity and drill down to a list of potential customers that you can export as sales leads
  • If you’re a manufacturer, find websites around the world that could resell your product
  • If you’re a payment processor, you can filter on business country, merchant size and technology platform to find the websites that could benefit from your service
  • If you’re shipping company, you can drill down by country and merchant size to find the websites that ship internationally and who they ship with

SalesOptimize can connect you with over
1.7 million online stores in over 20 countries