About Us


Liz Fulham

CEO & Founder

Liz has over 25 years’ experience working as a consultant and sales leader for companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and PayPal. What keeps her up at night is a crazy mind full of ideas! And given her six sigma black belt process & change management skills, she knows how to design and implement these ideas into new features or products. This, along with her passion for technology and customer centric focus, encouraged her to start SalesOptimize in 2013. Her goal is to help businesses sell to online merchants to find their future customers. Liz’s exuberant personality rubs off on everyone she meets, and no matter what business problem you have, she is there to help!


Darek Malinowski


Darek has been passionate about software development since he was 13 years old, with his professional experience stretching for 20 years+. He has been involved in a wide range of roles in large corporates and delivered high volume transactional projects. He has a passion for software development and as is a perfectionist at heart. While raising two teenage daughters, he acquired some negotiation skills that none of his prior leadership roles would help him to establish. Darek also enjoys the challenge of developing games engines and physics simulators.