Award Night of the Year

Award Night of the Year One of the best things about working at SalesOptimize is the great highlight on awarding hard-working employees! Since the beginning of the year, the company has grown in number of people and office! 7 fantastic people have joined the crew to help build and support the brand. And as we go on with our work and lives, the days seem  quite busy an productive at SalesOptimize headquarters. On one night, however, we decided to celebrate a few things... On a cold winter's day, Friday, 6th December, SalesOptimize celebrated the best employees of the year!  
SalesOptimize Awards Night

Paul Duggan 

Employee of the Year

Paul is a fantastic Software Engineer and has worked for SalesOptimize for nearly 4 years. He has shown true spirit while working here and deserved the best of the awards. Whoop Whoop!
SalesOptimize Awards Night

Patrick Vaughan

Salesperson of the Year Award

Our SaaS platform would have been nothing without having our sales team reaching out to interested people. Patrick is a newbie in at SalesOptimize - nevertheless, he has shown a tremendous work and effort.
SalesOptimize Awards Night

Luigi Vargas

Above and Beyond Award

Luigi is the Assistant Director of Information Technology at SalesOptimize and has joined the team in 2018. Thanks to his outstanding contribution to the SaaS product roadmap and technical development, he deserves this incredible recognition.
SalesOptimize Awards Night

Daniel Peres

Innovation Award of the Year

Daniel is a Brazilian Software Engineer with years of experience. He has worked for big brands such as Unear and Mutant BR. He joined SalesOptimize nearly 2 years ago. For his outstanding work on the industry analyzer which is showing our customers, Daniel receives the Innovation Award of the year. --- 
SalesOptimize Awards Night

Eoghan Fulham

Customer Centric Award

Last but not least award of the year goes to Eoghan Fulham, our customer success at SalesOptimize. Eoghan has worked for the company for nearly nearly 4 years now and has shown a lot of effort. Well done to Eoghan whoop!   Well done to the fantastic year, may there be more awards and successful years ahead!