B2B eCommerce Trends to Focus on in 2020

B2B eCommerce Trends to Focus on in 2020 With 2019 behind us, most B2B companies are focusing on the first quarter of the new year. B2B eCommerce has come a long way since B2C eCommerce helped it evolve with regards to customer satisfaction. This year, however, the eCommerce trends are all about enhancing customer experience and convenience. As technology is getting faster and smarter each day, it enables trends from 2019 to evolve as well. Read on to discover the top e-commerce trends for 2020.    
B2B eCommerce Trends to Focus on in 2020


Starting with the first letter in the alphabet, AI is no foreign word in today's eCommerce world. As we mentioned before, technology is getting smarter than ever. Think about it- computers are not the same as they were 10 years ago! Devices have the ability to learn at a much higher rate than ever, because nowadays  AI is replacing some of the human labor tasks. For example, data and interest can now be shared through social media platforms. The same goes to user intent in search engines. The keywords typed in Bing or Google are now integrated into carefully knitted algorithms designed to give a much better reply when it comes to customer queries.



B2B eCommerce Trends to Focus on in 2020

OmniChannel Selling

Omnichanel selling means having a strong eCommerce strategy using different channels, besides just your webstore. Omnichannels, simply put, are the mediums used to transfer information to your customers. These include social platforms, online marketplaces, email marketing and even public relations. According to McKinsey website, the average B2B buyer uses six channels over the course of their buying journey.  It is a strategy that must be integrated across the entire business. An omnichannel approach is all about being seamless. And if your marketing team, sales team, and retail staff are not aligned, the process will be far from it!    


B2B eCommerce Trends to Focus on in 2020

Customer Engagement

We have seen this topic booming in 2019 and it won't stop this year. Customer engagement that goes beyond the point of purchase will continue to be a leading B2B eCommerce trend in 2020. B2B buyers want to buy online but they still want to do business with a company that knows them and understands their needs. The cost of acquiring a new customer is five to seven times more than retaining an existing one. The most effective strategies for continued customer engagement include SEO & content marketing, targeted advertising, content marketing, loyalty apps, and gathering customer feedback.

Let's highlight the above mentioned customer engagements: Search (SEO) and Content Marketing - these always have been a major part in the marketing world. SEO drives organic traffic to the website, whereas relevant content is extremely important for overall user experience. Content in a form of an article (over 1,000 words preferably), video content, podcast are all excellent content marketing strategies.  


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Advertising will continue to increase and have a large effect on the B2B world. Depending on where you want to target but the exact profile of advertising channels will differ depending on your product category and target audience. On social media as an advertising channel, VIDEO will be more important than ever in 2020. According to stats found on Forbes,  70% of B2B buyers watch videos on their journey to purchase. According to the State of Inbound Report, 45% of marketers are planning to add YouTube & 41% will be adding Facebook Video to their marketing mix.

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Email marketing - good old emails coming to inboxes. It still remains a reliable and ROI-proven tactic for almost any segment of eCommerce. According to a  research made by eMarketer, it suggests that email marketing stands above any other digital marketing strategy in terms of ROI. When connected with an eCommerce web store, email marketing enables your business to connect with your customers and also provide personal offerings, product/service retargeting messages, abandoned cart notifications, and lots more. Triggered emails will continue to rise in popularity as their open rate is 50% higher than non-triggered emails. 



B2B eCommerce Trends to Focus on in 2020


What is a Chatbot? It is a computer program designed to interact (‘chat’) with customers, answer their questions and assist them in any way to streamline the shopping experience. Simply put– it is another manifestation of a personalized buyer experience, but much more interactive. Social media automated responses are a form of a chatbot. The applications for B2B eCommerce are likely to focus on basic customer support, evolving over time to personalized recommendations and more complex sales interactions.      


B2B eCommerce Trends to Focus on in 2020


Fourth on our list of B2B ecommerce trends 2020 is ‘videos’. Videos are gaining more and more traction every day. B2B businesses are only just starting to use videos to showcase their products and have better understanding of how things work. When certain negotiations, actions and other aspects of businesses are inaccessible, videos serve the purpose of delivering the message.