SalesOptimize Bespoke Analysis

What We Do

Bespoke Analysis

Let us design a web-bot specific to the needs of your business

You tell us your requirements and our web-bots will do the rest

Are you in search of highly specific leads for your sales and marketing teams, but manual prospecting and lead qualification is too laborious and time consuming? Or are you struggling to find the right lead generation provider who can tailor their service to your exact business needs and identify the right companies for you to sell to?

SalesOptimize offers a bespoke analysis service which is also known as the web page analyzer. The web-bots crawl the Internet and find qualified sales leads based on a specific set of requirements given to us by a client. Similar to our sales lead generation platform, our web-bots crawl millions of websites, extracting valuable company information and converting it into sales data for our clients.

However, our bespoke analysis service is far more granular and gives you access to thousands of websites not identified by current sales lead generation providers.

Information We Can Provide

Website Information

Company Name
Website Address
Estimated Merchant Size
Evidence of Physical Store
Alexa Ranking
Age of Website
Website Technology
International Presence
Country Visitor Traffic
Related Sites

Shipping Information

Shipping Company Used
Evidence of Same Day Delivery
Evidence of Next Day Delivery
Evidence of Returns
Evidence of Free Shipping
Evidence of International Shipping

Location Data

Business Country
State / Region
Zip Code

Payment Information

Evidence of Online Payments
Payment Company Used
Payment Method Used
Evidence of Foreign Currency
Evidence of Mobile Enabled Site

Social Media Data

Number of Facebook Likes
Number of Twitter Followers
Number of Instagram Followers
Number of YouTube Subscribers

Contact Data

First Name
Last Name
Job Title
Email Address
Company Phone
LinkedIn Profile Lookup
Google Search Lookup