33 Great eCommerce Blogs That You Need to be Following in 2017

33 Great eCommerce Blogs That You Need to be Following in 2017
Updated: May 11th 2017

eCommerce is Still Growing

A recently published article by Forbes documented some of the astonishing shopping facts that defined eCommerce in 2016. As its growth doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon (online sales in the US during November and December saw an increase of 13% from 2015), we felt it appropriate to document some of our favourite blogs that have the inside scoop on the latest news and trends on the eCommerce industry across the globe. If you want to keep up to date on eCommerce from a business, marketing and technology point of view in 2017, then these are the blogs to watch…or read, rather.

They are not ranked in any particular order, so make sure to check out each blog and have a look at the suggested posts we bookmarked!

33 Influential eCommerce Blogs

shopify logo

Arguably one of the biggest and most regularly updated eCommerce blogs out there, Shopify is the perfect place to find a bank of information about all things internet retailing. This eCommerce blog provides everything from the latest trends to customer reviews, and provides plenty of tips and advice to online merchants big or small, starting out, or established sellers.

Check out these posts:

Is Your eCommerce Business Ready for International Sales?
Make the Most out of Your Seasonal Success with Product Reviews

Practical eCommerce

This is one of my favourite sources for eCommerce articles. It’s bursting with information on digital retail, and is designed for helping businesses to succeed online. There are several writers that regularly contribute to Practical eCommerce, including eCommerce veteran Armando Roggio, who also runs the Twitter account: @EcommerceBoy – another great source of eCommerce news.

Check out these posts:

5 Questions to Answer before You Advertise
How to Integrate B2B Ecommerce with ERP Systems
Ecommerce Packing Tips That Will Please Customers

Big Commerce

Another source dedicated to helping retailers grow their business online, this eCommerce platform runs a pretty neat and helpful blog. Tips and advice for customer engagement, along with case studies and success stories make for a nice go-to guide if you want to improve your online store. The success stories alone make for an interesting read, whether you’re an eCommerce retailer or not!

Check out these posts:

The Complete Guide to Writing Product Copy That Sells Itself
31 Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips to 5x Your Conversion Rates
The Complete Guide to Advertising on Facebook: Strategies That Convert

eCommerce Fastlane

Run by habitual eCommerce entrepreneur Steve Hutt, eCommerce Fastlane boasts a pretty big library of information. While many articles are dedicated to the Shopify platform, there are 21 different categories including inbound marketing, shipping and fulfilment, and eCommerce design. There is also one dedicated solely to tips, tricks and hacks, making this blog very helpful and easy to navigate. You can also find Steve on Twitter.

Check out these posts:

The Fix & Fetch Method: A Definitive Guide to Fixing Cart Abandonment
31 Ecommerce Email Marketing Tips to 5x Your Conversion Rates

Lemonstand Logo

LemonStand was only founded in 2010, but these guys definitely know their stuff when it comes to eCommerce! With great insights on growth and web design, this blog is a definite ‘must read’ for retailers, or anyone simply interested in eCommerce full stop. They even have eBooks!

Check out these posts:

Why Serious eCommerce Brands Need a Content Strategy
9 Best Practices to Optimize Checkout Design


This blog doesn’t really need an introduction, as anyone interested in eCommerce would be living under a rock if they hadn’t heard of Catalin Zorzini and eCommerce Platforms! Referring to it as a project, Catalin started the website in response to his frustrations in trying to identify which eCommerce platform was the best choice for his website. This is a great, unbiased source of information about different platforms and the pros and cons of each – very handy for eCommerce retailers starting out, or intending to migrate from one platform to another.

Check out these posts:

How to Create a Fantastic Online Shop with WooCommerce, Divi and Bluehost
How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Platform for SEO

eCommerce Week

From a UK perspective, eCommerce Week is a great source of information regarding the latest news and trends happening in the eCommerce industry, both at consumer and company level.

Check out these posts:

Online Merchants Lose Sales by Failing to Offer Shoppers Their Preferred Payment Method
Nine Top Predictions for e-Commerce in 2017

eCommerce News

eCommerce News focuses primarily on trends in Europe, while also reporting on eCommerce events happening across the continent. This is a great site covering a wide range of interesting categories, such as: payments, logistics, and cross border eCommerce.

Check out these posts:

50% Spanish Online Shoppers Have Experience With mCommerce
eCommerce in Slovenia is Growing Fast

Moz logo

While eCommerce may not be its focal point in Moz’s day-to-day business, Rand and his crew are certainly interested in it, and always offer great insights when the topic does appear on the blog – sometimes it even makes it to Whiteboard Friday. But you need to keep your eyes peeled!

Check out these posts:

How to Craft the Best Damn E-commerce Page on the Web
A Dozen Digestible Takeaways from 2016's E-Commerce Benchmarks Study

Commerce Geek

Sort of like a gateway portal to eCommerce land, Commerce Geek is a news outlet for eCommerce articles posted all over the world. While posts may not be exclusive to them, having them in the one place makes for a beneficial one-stop-shop kind of feel if you’re short on time.

Hostway Logo

Cloud and web hosting provider Hostway, who offers Magento eCommerce solutions, has an interesting blog with a tech twist. Have a look at these guys if you’re keen to learn more about the technological side of eCommerce – some very interesting articles on cloud security and email services!

Check out these posts:

Selecting an eCommerce Managed Solution Provider
What The Experts are Saying About Managed Cloud Security
If the Page Doesn’t Load, They Can’t Shop

Payoneer Logo

Although not an eCommerce based website, the payment solution provider certainly gives some eCommerce blogs out there a run for their money! In the last year alone, they have written some interesting articles on eCommerce trends and case studies, making this blog a definite one to watch in 2017!

Check out these posts:

Case Study: How Jumia Became Nigeria’s #1 eCommerce Marketplace
How Ad-Blocking is Affecting eCommerce Sellers
How to Solve 4 Common eCommerce Issues


MageMail, a triggered email app for Magento which offers cart abandonment solutions, up-sells and cross-promotions, etc. serves as a useful resource to eCommerce retailers with its helpful blog. Although having fewer posts than some other blogs mentioned on this list, the articles featured offer clever ways to improve marketing tactics, such as increasing conversions through better email messaging and adding customer reviews to product pages. It is certainly a blog to keep an eye on!

Check out these posts:

7 Ecommerce Marketing Tactics That Actually Get Results
10 Of The Best Performing Abandoned Cart Emails

Little Data

This Google Analytics consulting company offers a great insight into some eCommerce tips and tricks for retailers, particularly relating to Google products. This is especially useful for eCommerce merchants who may not be familiar with Google’s suite of tools such Analytics, Search Console, Tag Manager, etc.

Check out these posts:

How to Set Up eCommerce Tracking With Google Tag Manager
Top 5 Pitfalls in Tracking eCommerce in Google Analytics

Volusion logo

Arguably the most appealing aspect to Volusion’s blog is its emphasis on personal development and motivation influenced writing. We forget that all businesses are operated by people, and sometimes it’s nice to read uplifting material on how we can improve our workplace and motivate the people in it. This, along with some very aesthetically pleasing imagery, and of course the content around eCommerce design, makes Volusion’s blog a definite favourite of ours!

Check out these posts:

4 Ways to Create an Amazing Logo
5 Tips to Actually Make Group Brainstorming Effective

eCommerce Worldwide

Created to help online retailers who are interested in breaking into new markets, eCommerce Worldwide provides cross-border trading guides, helping retailers to set up successful eCommerce channels abroad. Suffice to say they are experts on global trade, and report regularly on industry insights across the world.

Check out these posts:

How UK retailers Use Localisation to Succeed in Asia
Black Friday Growing Strongly in Brazil

Bootstrapping eCommerce

If you want great tips on how to build your eCommerce site from scratch, then Shabbir Nooruddin is your guy. With an ‘eCommerce toolbox’ offering guidance to both beginners and experienced players, Shabbir’s Bootstrapping eCommerce blog provides a step by step guide “right from choosing a product to sell, all the way to marketing and optimizing for sales.”

Check out these posts:

14 Ideas For Your Store’s Blog
Ecommerce SEO: The Complete How-To

A Better Lemonade Stand

The guys over at Better Lemonade Stand have it nailed when it comes to their blog, which is dedicated entirely to eCommerce. Interactive in nature, readers can navigate between topics based on the different phases of an eCommerce business: build, launch, and grow.

Check out these posts:

How to Start an Online Business When You’re Not Ready to Start an Online Business
Inventory Management 101: The Short Guide for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Shopping Signals

As Ryan BeMiller puts it: “Shopping Signals is all about digital marketing for sites that sell stuff. In a nutshell, that’s it.” Check out this great eCommerce blog that’s packed with the latest news and trends from industry analysis, while also infused with social media, email marketing, content management, and all that other good stuff that comes with digital marketing.

Check out these posts:

10 Tips for Successful eCommerce Email Marketing
Is Instagram Better Than Facebook For Ecommerce Social Media? [infographic]

Ometria logo

For a company specialising in cross-channel marketing for retailers, this blog is far more insightful than some that are based solely on eCommerce. Check this out for some light reading on some interesting articles!

Check out these posts:

4 eCommerce Marketing Trends You Can Expect to See in 2017
6 Product Recommendation Fails to Watch Out For

Oracle Logo

It’s no surprise that Oracle has an entire site built for its commerce blog – if you you’re interested in learning more about practically any aspect of eCommerce, from data and analytics to operations and integrations, then this is the place to go. With a team of eCommerce experts behind them, Oracle’s blog is impressive to say the least.

Check out these posts:

Why Profitability is the Key to Success in Ecommerce
A Beginner's Guide to Ecommerce Tax Compliance and International Shipping
7 Tips for Conducting a Proper Holiday E-Commerce Post-Mortem

Groove Logo

Groove’s eCommerce blog has an incredible sense of elegance in its writing, using great analogies, relevant examples, and being web development agency, also has a fantastic sense of style and layout. Without even reading the content, anyone would be pleased to land on the blog page.

Check out these posts:

Emotional Shopping: What eCommerce Can Learn from Brick and Mortar
5 eCommerce Design Principles for Conversion That Still Work

Referral Candy

Referral Candy is a cool service that sets up eCommerce retailers with referral programs. Their blog also offers lots of advice around referrals and how they can help to increase customer acquisition. This is definitely worth a read if you're looking for something different!

Check out these posts:

3 Types of Facebook Ads That Drive Ecommerce Sales
Referral Program Assets: All The Parts That Constitute A Smooth Referral Program Experience

ecwid logo

If you want a simple way to set up an online store and embed it to your existing website, blog, or social media platform, all in a matter of minutes, then you really need to consider Ecwid. Likewise, if you want to helpful tips on how to start running your online store and become a successful entrepreneur, then you need to follow their blog too!

Check out these posts:

Speed Up Your Workflow: 26 Google Chrome Extensions for E-Commerce Business Owners
How I Kickstarted My Business: Crowdfunding Tips for Online Sellers
How to Write an “About Us” Page if You’re Not a Copywriter

Woo Commerce Blog

WooCommerce powers 39% of all online stores. That's a pretty significant number, so it's no surprise that these guys would have somewhat of a trustworthy reputation when it comes to eCommerce. Their blog is no different, and offers plenty of advice, not only to existing customers, but also general tips and tricks to eCommerce retailers of all sizes.

Check out these posts:

8 Email Features to Add For a Great Customer Experience
The Importance of Accessibility For Your Online Store

3dCart logo

Granted, there are several eCommerce technology platforms included in this list, but trust us, they are included for a reason. 3d Cart have a fantastic eCommerce blog with several hundred articles across a range of categories, including: fraud prevention, marketing and design.

Check out these posts:

Rediscovering Multichannel Marketing Opportunities in a Changing Ecommerce Landscape
Online Store Sales Strategies: Convert More Visitors to Customers Using Urgency

acquire convert

Run by eCommerce consultant Giles Thomas, AcquireConvert is a great resource for entrepreneurs looking for answers to questions such as: How do I get more visitors to buy? What’s the right way to a/b test my store? How do I optimize my shops landing pages? Giles was named one of the most interesting eCommerce experts to follow in 2016, and has a great bank of articles on his blog with helpful tips on how to improve your eCommerce store.

Check out these posts:

10 Ecommerce Site Search Best Practices You Should Be Following
How To Create Back In Stock Email Alerts That Recapture Sales

Demandware logo

The Demandware blog, although now with the look and feel of Salesforce after its acquisition in 2015, is unique in providing fresh insights on eCommerce customer trends, looking more closely at retail intelligence and customer experience.

Check out these posts:

Future Ready Retail – The Latest Millennial Research
Why Product Stories are Important to Your Brand
Predictive Intelligence: Knowing What Web Pages a Shopper Will Click Next

Infusionsoft Logo

Advice with actionable insights is a given when it comes to Infusionsoft. Examples, tips, practices, and tactics are at the forefront of almost every blog post they publish, making this blog a definite must for any eCommerce retailers looking for some advice or a fresh insight into the industry.

Check out these posts:

30 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your E-commerce Store
4 Tips for Writing Effective Product Descriptions
7 Ways to Leverage Your E-commerce Data for Better Audience Targeting

Prestashop logo

Understandably, many of the blog posts on Prestashop’s site are related to its eCommerce platform. However, the blog also includes a section for eCommerce tips and advice, and a separate one for eCommerce trends. They are certainly worth a read if you want some food for thought!

7 Useful Tips to Turn Complaints into a Great Customer Experience
How to Optimize Product Page Content to Boost Sales
Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Possum Algorithm

Tamebay logo

With a name inspired by the desire to make eBay more manageable (‘tame’ ‘eBay’, get it?), Tamebay was set up several yeas ago by two PowerSellers in the UK. As well as the latest eCommerce news happening around the globe, Tamebay also offers insight into the payments and shipping industries, as well as reporting on the latest eBay and Amazon news.

Dismal Start to 2017 For the High Street (Everyone shopped online)
Google is Gunning for Digital Payments in India


Ignoring the fact that this website appears to be locked in a 1999 time warp, eCommerce Bytes offers some very insightful articles and trends about the eCommerce marketplace, reporting primarily on eBay and Amazon.

Does eBay Make It Too Hard to Haggle?
Amazon Designs a New Way to Compete with Retailers


Another great website created entirely for the blog. Wix isn’t mentioned all that often, probably because it doesn’t particularly call out eCommerce in a big way on its site. Nonetheless, we would definitely give the blog a thumbs up! Check this one out for some cool ideas, especially if you’re a small eCommerce retailer!

How to Make a Killer eCommerce Site with Very Few Products
10 Ways to Earn Your Buyer’s Trust
10 Reasons Your Online Store Isn’t Making You Money


Red Stag Fulfillment is a Knoxville based order fulfillment company that naturally has extensive knowledge when it comes to all things eCommerce (it's also the only shipping/fulfillment company that made it to our list, so it has to be good!). What makes the content so appealing is its relevance to both businesses and consumers. The blog also offers some very comprehensive 'explainer' posts about Expedited Shipping, DIM Weight Pricing, etc.

Check out these posts:

7 Pitfalls of Amazon FBA for ECommerce Sellers
The 2010s: A Decade of ECommerce Growth