SalesOptimize Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The merchant score ranges from 1-5 (the higher the better!)

  • 5 star – Enterprise Account – Estimate volume is in excess of $20M per year

  • 4 star – Hi SMB Account – Estimate volume is in excess of $5M per year

  • 3 star – SMB Account – Estimate volume is in excess of $1M per year

  • 2 star – Hi Sole Trader Account – Estimate volume is in excess of $250K per year

  • 1 star – Sole Trader Account – Estimate volume is less than $250K per year


How does SalesOptimize determine this merchant score?

Using a website’s digital foot print, we estimate the score using our secret algorithm.


How accurate is the SalesOptimize merchant score?

Only the online merchant or their payment processor will know the true volume of revenue the website makes. A salesperson will need to call the merchant and discuss further to obtain exact figures.

We have developed a proprietary algorithm that determines the business location of a website vs the hosted location of the server. This is based on the information we scan from the website, e.g. the phone number.

Not every website has contact information other than what data appears on the contact us page. Typically, Facebook is the next best source of information but again many websites fail to include their contact information on this platform.

On May 25th 2018, the General Data Protection regulation comes into effect throughout Europe to demonstrate congruence in privacy laws across all member states.

The legislation states that any communications between a company and an individual who has not given consent (i.e. opt-in) are permitted under the grounds of demonstrating legitimate interest – “The processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes may be regarded as carried out for a legitimate interest” (source: Provided the sender can successfully demonstrate legitimate interest, then the communication is permitted.

SalesOptimize provides company information and website data. We do not provide personal data relating to consumers. B2B communications are governed under the Privacy Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (PECR) which states that prior consent for direct marketing is not required, provided that the sender has given the recipient the opportunity to remove consent and withdraw from any future communications.

A lot of websites do not declare the shipping companies they use. It is only where the information is listed in text format on the website that we can pick up this information.

Similar to shipping, not every website declares who their payment processor of choice is. Regrettably, if the payment information is available only as an image with no detailed text explanation, we are unable to pick this up.

We scan the internet for new online shops daily and refresh our database of existing sales leads monthly.