Highlights of the Month

Highlights of the Month SalesOptimize offices have been very busy over the last 30 days. We've made great memories at some of the events we attended, we expanded the team to help us manage our customers,  changed the office and much more! Here are some of the updates you may have missed.  

Highlights of the month

Money 2020 Event, Las Vegas

This year's Money20/20 conference was held in Las Vegas from October 27-30, a bevy of fintech, payments, and banking providers came together to debut new products, announce new services, and premiere new partnerships. Our CEO, Liz and Sales Manager, Simon, flew all the way to the conference. Not only have they met great people and powerful companies, but they also managed to enjoy their time in Las Vegas.    
Highlights of the month

National Startup Awards 2019

SalesOptimize took Gold at the National Startup Awards! We are absolutely delighted to announce that we won best Emerge-Tech company at the National Startup Awards last night in Dublin City Hall!  With so many wonderful startups out there it truly is an honor to be having this award in our office. Here is a memorable picture taken during the event, some members from our Sales, Marketing, Tech & Analytics team are carefully minding our lovely award. You can read the full article here.    
Highlights of the month

We Created a US Market Report

The marketing team was very busy jotting down notes and stats on the US market in order to create a easy to download guide for businesses. This report focuses on eCommerce technology, parcel shipping, payment processors, Amazon, Millennials, Internet Usage and more. SalesOptimize has carried out a significant piece of research on this enormous market, scanning in excess of 125 million websites. We discovered 11 million active websites, of which 4.4 million are eCommerce enabled (taking payments online), and over 1 million that are shipping products.
Highlights of the month

Up in The Air... Then Leeds

Our CEO, Liz, Marketing Manager, Isabel, and Marketing Specialist, Nicola, all headed to Leeds to meet up with Modo25, a fantastic digital marketing agency. We got very good marketing insights, how to improve some of the marketing techniques and how to better engage with our visitors. Modo25 is a good bunch of friendly and highly experience team, they also work 4 days a week as they believe this formula helps help be more productive, which I fully agree :) We had the opportunity to meet Roxy, the office doggo too :)    
Highlights of the month

The Big Move

The SalesOptimize team is growing nicely, we have welcomed Nicola to our Marketing team, we also have Marge on board, our new accountant and Gaurav joined the Data Analyst team! We have a few more job openings to fill in, that is why t was crucial to find bigger offices. Luckily we found our new home in a cosmopolitan area in Dublin 2. The offices are amazing, just look at the wall art!

As we are getting closer to the end of the year, SalesOptimize is up to the sky busy with planning for 2020. Keep a closer eye on the upcoming market reports, new team members, the events that we plan to attend and much more.