How It Works

Find your eCommerce sales leads in 4 easy steps

How it works-step 1

Select Business Country, Merchant Size & Technology Platform

The SalesOptimize search engine maps over 80% of websites to their trading country. From a database of over 1.7 million eCommerce websites, users can search for sales leads using our business country filter.

We developed a proprietary algorithm to estimate a merchant’s size, using their digital footprint. You can generate sales leads based on the estimated online turnover, Alexa ranking, and age of the website.

Our market coverage is better than any other eCommerce lead generation provider. Our search engine can identify what websites are built with, recognising in excess of 140 technology platforms, as well as customized websites that represent nearly 50% of the eCommerce market.

How it works-step 2

Shipping & Payment Add-Ons: Find Your Competitors’ Customers

SalesOptimize specialises in determining the eCommerce market share of shipping, payment and marketing companies.

The shipping add-on allows users to filter merchants not only by the carriers declared on their website, but also by evidence of international shipping and free delivery.

The payments add-on identifies what payment company and payment method a website is using where this is declared on the site.

Our competitor intelligence feature allows shipping companies and payment providers to input the names of their competitors and uncover a list of their customers. Combining this feature with our merchant sizing filter will reveal a list of your competitors’ biggest customers.


Fine Tune with Contacts and Marketing Data

Another unique selling point is the Contact Data filter that makes it easy to generate a list of sales leads with email or phone contact data. Our lead generation platform supports not only inside sales teams, but also inbound marketing campaigns. We fill the top of the sales funnel.

The marketing add-on includes a slider that filters sales leads based on Facebook likes and/or Twitter followers. Similar to the contact information toggle, users can select whether they want to find companies that use particular social media platforms.

How it works-step 4

Purchase Sales Leads & Export to Your CRM

After selecting the relevant filters and running a search, a list of highly qualified sales leads will be generated. Simply press the ‘info’ button beside each website to see more information on the sales leads. If you like the sales lead, purchase it and export it to your CRM system. We provide full integration to Salesforce, free of charge. You can also download a list of sales leads in a CSV/XLS format.

What also makes our sales lead generation service unique, is the ability to preview each sales lead before you purchase it.