SalesOptimize Industries


We Scan the Internet for Data Across Multiple Industries


Get complete access to more than 2 million global eCommerce merchants that are shipping products


Uncover the global travel market & target your services to millions of sites with online booking systems


Identify all of the charitable organisations around the world that are accepting donations online

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Target Software-as-a-Service companies that utilise monthly billing systems and invoice payment plans


Find all of the websites that offer online courses – a billion dollar industry that is growing exponentially


Uncover all of the websites that provide gambling or gaming services and allow their customers to bet online

Financial Services

Sell your services to thousands of global companies in the banking, credit union and wealth sectors


Find all of the merchants around the world that are selling their products/services on a marketplace platform

Professional Services

Find all of the websites offering professional services, e.g. accountancy, management consulting, legal firms, etc.

Manufacturers & Wholesalers

We have comprehensive data on thousands of Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution businesses

Importers & Exporters

Discover all of the businesses that are importing and exporting goods from countries all over the world


Uncover thousands of companies worldwide operating within the Insurance sector, e.g. health, motor, household


Find up to date information on businesses operating within the Pharmaceutical/Medical Device sectors

Media & Communications

Access all of the companies around the world specialising in media communications, e.g. broadcasting & publishing businesses

Oil & Gas

Find key information on Oil & Gas companies that operate in one of the wealthiest industries in the world

Property & Real Estate

We have a large number Property Management and Realtor businesses in our system that you can sell your services to


Take advantage of the billion dollar Telecommunications industry with access all of the businesses in this sector

Food & Drink

Discover all of the Restaurants, Bars, Caf├ęs, Supermarkets etc. that operate within the Food & Beverage industry