Major eCommerce Markets in North America & Europe During 2021

Major eCommerce Markets in North America & Europe During 2021  

Before Covid-19 hit, we knew that the global eCommerce market was growing YOY. Thanks to the pandemic, more people than ever are shopping online which has taken the eCommerce boom up a notch further. It's a trend that doesn't look set to change any time soon!

SalesOptimize has also tracked an increase in the number of active eCommerce websites over the last while. In 2019 there were just over 500K UK websites in our system taking payments online. When we checked again in June this year, we found 714K websites. While much of this uptake can be attributed to ongoing data source enhancements, a significant number is related to Covid-19. The last 18 months has seen an explosion of new eCommerce websites as many companies took their businesses online.

Here's a quick breakdown of the major global eCommerce markets for North America and Europe in 2021 and the top Payment providers. Note the number of eCommerce websites in Brazil - a steadily growing market and definitely one to watch!

Major eCommerce Markets June 2021

The European market is growing rapidly and accounts for more than 2 million websites. Research on Western eCommerce has traditionally focused on the US, UK and German markets. However, this breakdown identifies huge opportunities for payment companies wishing to target those less popular (yet also emerging) markets. Italy, France, Spain and The Netherlands are all growing YOY. SalesOptimize has the strongest European merchant data including verified contact details of decision makers. If you're considering selling into these markets please let us know ; we would love to partner with you and provide your Sales and Marketing teams with the right data for their outbound campaigns.

Also note how many of the top payment players are based in Europe - Klarna, Mollie, Adyen and are all making huge waves in this space!

SalesOptimize: Top 20 Payment Providers
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This data is based on count of websites with evidence of online payments and payment provider mentioned.