We’ve Just Integrated with Close.io CRM Software!

We’ve Just Integrated with Close.io CRM Software!

We’re delighted to announce that users of our e commerce lead generation platform can now export their online leads directly into Close.io CRM software. This means that Close.IO users don’t have to worry about entering their online sales leads data into their CRM software as SalesOptimize has it covered.

Close.io members sourcing eleads can benefit from the SalesOptimize technology in many ways: Using deep web analytics the SalesOptimize technology scans the internet to find online shops, analyzes each site and presents them back as prequalified sales leads, fully scored and enriched with key company information.

How Does This Benefit Businesses?

SalesOptimize is a search engine with a difference; its algorithms crawl the internet to find the 93% of online shops not found using conventional search engines. The data available to SalesOptimize users includes crucial sales intelligence such as:

  • Business country
  • Estimated merchant size
  • Shipping companies used
  • Payment processor/method
  • What shopping cart technology the website is built on
  • Website traffic and social media engagement
  • Contact data and much more

Watch our video to see how you can find your leads and download them into your Close.io account.

To give you an idea of the market you can explore, SalesOptimize connects you with 1.7 million retailers in over 20 countries

You can try it for free at www.salesoptimize.com. No credit card required.

Happy hunting, Closers!