Top 2020 MarTech Trends

Top 2020 MarTech Trends For a few years in a row the global marketing technology (MarTech) sector has seen a growth of 22% with estimated market size of $121.5 billion. UK & US combined is worth $65 billion in 2019, which shows a $13billion increase compared to the previous year.  Marketers seek for the attention of the ever-changing behaviour of the consumer, so they’ve turned to more fancy and powerful MarTech tools. In this article I will share what's new and trending in the MarTech world in 2020. ------------------ 2020 MarTech Trends ------------------  

Mobile and Virtual Reality is Happening

A few days ago I went to Google's Digital Garage breakfast briefing. These are short but rich with info meetings happening early in the morning. The presenter spoke about the importance of online presence through mobile and images. Mobile friendly websites are crucial in today's world. But what's also important is that when you have a local business, you can present it in a way that can help your customers visualize what your place looks like. IKEA,  was one of the earliest companies to introduce AR ads  when it released its iOS AR mobile app that lets users see virtual pieces of furniture from the company’s 2014 catalog. Hilton Hotel in London has shown their meeting rooms in a VR way. Any customer can now view the room before booking it for a special event or meeting.


Artificial Intelligence will continue to Grow

AI will continue to be used to improve marketing. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can already show powerful insights into their competitive landscape, current performance and resource allocation. This is where marketers can leverage these insights – along with many others – to radically improve performance. With AI, marketers can improve their part of the job, as AI will take care of the rest. Below you can see how SalesOptimize search engine uses machine learning to gather data of any company behind a domain.


2020 MarTech Trends
  The SalesOptimize app can collect all the necessary data behind a website, including email addresses of people, the website information, Alexa Rank, payment methods used and much more. If you are looking for a strong search engine like this one, book a demo with us today.

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Search Comes in Many Ways

  Just a few years ago we would search for any query by simply typing in our keywords to search engines. Now, things are far more advanced. According to Microsoft’s 2019 Voice Report, it is believed that 75 % of households will have at least one smart speaker by 2020.   2020 MarTech Trends   Voice search makes it easier and more comfortable to search for things. To reach audiences that have already adapted to voice search, brands can make their online presence conducive to voice-based searches by updating keywords to reflect natural language in web content and sites as opposed to overly technical language. Machine learning is also crucial here to improve searches and answer consumers’ queries.