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What We Do

Website Scraping

Did you know that SalesOptimize can scrape millions of web pages to extract specific content?

Are you in need of company or contact information from particular web pages such as directories, ‘About Us’ company pages, Trade show events, etc.? Why spend time trying to download that information manually? Let us do the work for you. We’ve developed a suite of web bots that can analyse and scrape both HTML and JavaScript sites. Unlike other data vendors, we can map any companies found back to its website address and provide you rich information about that company (verified contact data, merchant size, business location, and much more).

Our data experts can take unstructured web data about your customers or prospects from the Internet and deliver it to you in a structured format that you can feed into your marketing automation or CRM system. We always ensure the data is of the highest quality, leaving you to focus on what matters – selling and generating revenue.

Information We Can Provide

Website Information

Website Address
Merchant Type
Website Technology
Estimated Merchant Size
Age of Website
Alexa Ranking
CRM Link
Contact Us Page Link

Company Information

Company Registration Number
Company Description
No. of Employees
Company Email Address
Company Phone Number

Social Media Data

Facebook Likes
Twitter Handle
Twitter Followers
Instagram Username
Instagram Followers
YouTube Subscribers
YouTube Channel Views
LinkedIn Page Link

Payment Information

Evidence of Online Payments
Payment Company Used
Payment Method Used
Evidence of Foreign Currency
Evidence of Mobile Enabled Site

Shipping Information

Shipping Company Used
Evidence of Same Day Delivery
Evidence of Next Day Delivery
Evidence of Returns
Evidence of Free Shipping
Evidence of International Shipping

Location Data

Address Street
Address City
Address State
Address Zip/Post Code