How to Win VC Investment and Your First 300 Customers as a Startup

How to Win VC Investment and Your First 300 Customers as a Startup

So…you know you have a fantastic service or product, you've created a stunning website, and have done all the SEO work recommended by all those online marketing gurus out there. You are ready for traffic to come to your site, but regrettably you aren’t getting a lot of hits on the site; and where are all those customers?? You need to get the revenue in, and fast, before you run out of money. The race is on...


First thing’s first: there’s no need to panic, we’ve got this. SalesOptimize has the chill pill you’ve been waiting for! We’ve just launched a B2B search engine that help you win your first 300 customers as a startup. Are you selling products or services to online shops? If your answer is yes, you need to keep reading because this revolutionary tool is sure to catapult you across the finish line!

Just ask yourself two questions:
  • What hosted country do I want to sell into?
  • How big do I want these online merchants to be?

Let’s assume that you want to sell to all online shops with a hosted domain of, while also having an online turnover of more than 250K. No problem! Just go to the Trial page of SalesOptimize, register your details and voilà – here’s where the magic starts (brace yourself for this!). You’re now in the new world of eCommerce lead generation – the SalesOptimize search screen. To find these details mentioned above, select and merchant scores of 2-5 from the drop down filters, simply hit search and now you’re presented with tens of thousands of potential customers to sell your product/service to. All you need to do now is deliver that spellbinding sales approach to win over 300+ customers.


Just consider a potential inbound marketing campaign for this – to get 300 customers you'll need, for example, 15,000 sales leads to generate a low but realistic 2% sales conversion rate. As for outbound? Well, 3,000 leads should cover it if you get a 10%+ conversion rate. Doing all of that with our search engine? Piece of cake!

The beauty of this search engine is that it’s so powerful but also easy to use! To find out more, visit the How it Works page of our website. Don’t be defeated by an inability to find future customers. You know that you have an amazing product and you’ve worked hard making it so. Give SalesOptimize a try; you can find the sales leads you need for your campaign and with vastly improved traction, the venture capitalists will be jostling to join you on the winner’s podium.


There’s Help All Around

So you now have the sales leads, all you need to do is sell. If you’re stuck here too don’t worry, Mail Chimp is good for sending out mass emails and DigiServed is great for finding someone to design them for you. And if you need good outbound sales team but you don’t have the money to hire them, have a look at the guys over in Zevas! And if you need a Marketing Manager to run this entire operation, well, you might want to read a different kind of blog…

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