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126 shopping cart technologies


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How does SalesOptimize work?

Benefits of SalesOptimize


Improve Revenue and Sales Efficiency

  • Search from 1.7 million+ eCommerce sites and fill your pipeline with qualified sales leads
  • Review each sales lead before purchasing
  • Choose sales leads based on eCommerce shopping cart technology, shipping companies, payment processors, marketing automation companies, etc.
  • Sell to bigger Internet retailers using our merchant scoring algorithm
  • Spend less time prospecting and qualifying sales leads
  • Reduce your sales cycle time with our detailed company information that equips you with the knowledge to sell to bigger eCommerce sites


Competitor Analysis

  • Filter by the name of your competitors to see a list of their customers
  • Find out which merchants are using particular shipping companies, payment processors, marketing automation tools, eCommerce platforms, etc. Our web-crawler regularly scans the Internet, adding and enriching new and existing online stores to our database each month


In Depth Target-Market Analysis

  • Size your market opportunity and drill down to a list of potential customers. You can export as sales leads straight to your Salesforce or CRM software
  • If you are a payment processor, filter your search based on business country, merchant size, and eCommerce technology platform to find out which websites could benefit from your payment processing or gateway service
  • If you are an ICT company specialising in fraud prevention, cart abandonment, or other website development services, filter your search based on business country, merchant size, and technology platform to find new websites that want to hear about your solution
  • If you are a shipping company, refine your search by country and merchant size, to find out which Internet retailers are shipping internationally, and who they ship with

SalesOptimize can connect you with over
1.7 million online stores in over 20 countries