Check out Some New Product Features of our Lead Generation Tool!

Check out Some New Product Features of our Lead Generation Tool!

We just released a major update to the SalesOptimize platform, including some great improvements to our filtering tools and search data. Have a look below at some of the new features we’ve introduced!

Search Bar

We have improved the search bar feature significantly, meaning that users can now search using multiple words as well as website URLs, i.e. ‘leather boots.’

SalesOptimize_Search Bar

Merchant Sizing Features

We updated the merchant sizing features have created new, user friendly sliding features. Now users can more easily choose the estimated online turnover. They can also filter based on Alexa ranking and age of website – a feature that wasn’t available before now.

SalesOptimize_Merchant Sizing Filter

Contact Data

Users can now search for sites where there is both phone number and email contact data (where made available). Previously, it wasn’t possible to search for sales leads with specific criteria such as having certain contact information. However, it is important to note that, in many cases, online retailers don’t publish contact data and instead use ‘Contact Us’ forms on their website – where possible, we provide as much information as we can.

SalesOptimize Contact Data Filter

Marketing Filters

Our social media add-on is another brand-new feature that was introduced after many requests from clients and interested Marketing agencies.

With social media channels taking a leading role in business today, we've made it easier for users to target prospects based on their digital footprint. We've just implemented a new add-on feature that allows users to target companies based on Facebook likes, Twitter followers and their general presence on social media. We’re currently working on adding Pinterest to the list very soon.

SalesOptimize Marketing Filters

Shipping Add-On

Our new shipping add-on allows users to filter merchants, not only by the carriers declared on their website, but also whether there is evidence of international shipping or free delivery. And with the competitor insights filter, shipping companies can combine this with our merchant sizing feature to reveal a list of their competitors' biggest customers.

SalesOptimize Shipping Add-On

Payments Add-On

Finally, our payments add-on now helps users to search for evidence of international shipping, and identify which merchants are selling in multiple markets, a good indicator of payment acceptance from other countries. We have also separated the list of providers and payment methods for a more effective search functionality.

Payments Add On Filter

Want to test out the new features? Just check out our Free Trial page here to sign up and start searching! Or if you would like a demo of the new features, just fill in this quick form and someone from our sales team will be in touch soon.

Happy hunting!