SalesOptimize Market Intelligence

What We Do

Market Intelligence

Inbound sales account for only 5% of your entire market opportunity

SalesOptimize identifies the other 95%

SalesOptimize unlocks your company’s entire market opportunity

SalesOptimize is solving one of the biggest pain points that challenge businesses today – bad data being fed into CRM pipelines. We specialise in helping companies to identify 100% of their available market, ensuring that their Sales & Marketing teams have the right data to work with. Our proprietary algorithms have allowed us to develop a number of different industry analysers, which help companies to target the exact verticals relevant to their business. Within these industries, they can drill down further by geographic location, product type, merchant size, job type/level, and many more options to pinpoint their ideal customer profiles. Our data also allows us to prepare presentations and reports for our clients on the size of their market opportunity with valuable insights, such as key players within certain sectors, changing market trends, etc.

Our area of expertise

We specialise in finding all of the eCommerce sites around the world (any site that accepts payments online). We can provide businesses with an eCommerce market report by country, with a list of all the merchants in that region, whether they are processing online payments or shipping products, and what eCommerce cart technology their website is built on. We can also provide rich company and contact data on high risk, lucrative verticals such as Gambling, Gaming, PayDay loans, etc. (get in touch for more information about these industries). We also support shipping and logistics companies who are targeting manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and exporters.

We find the market that’s relevant to YOU

We pinpoint the most relevant businesses for you to sell to, based specifically on YOUR business needs. We reveal the truth about your market, how big it is, where it is, and how you can access it. We let the data tell the story. Our web-bots reveal the company behind a website by scanning millions of pages every single day. Using proprietary algorithms and machine learning, we can extract valuable company and contact data from these websites which is dictated by you based on a particular set of search parameters.

We help our clients to find relevant company information

This information includes contact and website information. We can also validate 100% of email addresses all the way to the inbox, so no more invalid or accept-all results! Our clients enjoy bounce rates of less than 5% (before they came to us, they often struggled to keep their bounce rates below 25%).

We work with several Fortune 500 companies

And here’s why: our online Market Intelligence platform is putting an end to the arduous task of sales prospecting, and it’s so simple to use – in just a few clicks, our clients can download and export a list of highly targeted companies directly into their CRM or Marketing Automation platform (we offer free integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and WebCRM). Unlike other data companies that provide only a single snapshot of business information with minimal updates, SalesOptimize’s data is constantly refreshed from the Internet; all of the data available on our platform is scanned and downloaded in real-time. Our clients can map their entire addressable market, spending less time prospecting and more time generating revenue.

Our market intelligence is truly global, and we can help you no matter which markets you’re selling into

What Data Do I Get?

Website Information

Company Name
Website Address
Country Visitor Traffic
Website Technology
Estimated Merchant Size
Evidence of Physical Store
Alexa Ranking
Age of Website
International Presence
Related Sites

Shipping Information

Shipping Company Used
Evidence of Same Day Delivery
Evidence of Next Day Delivery
Evidence of Returns
Evidence of Free Shipping
Evidence of International Shipping

Location Data

Business Country
State/Country Region
Zip Code
Time Zone

Social Media Data

Number of Facebook Likes
Number of Twitter Followers
Number of Instagram Followers
Number of Youtube Subscribers

Payment Processing Data

Evidence of Online Payments
Payment Company Used
Payment Method Used
Evidence of Foreign Currency
Evidence of Mobile Enabled Site

Contact Data

First Name
Last Name
Job Title
Email Address
Company Phone Number
Linkedin Profile Lookup
Google Search Lookup