19 Sales Blogs You Have to Read Before the End of 2017!

19 Sales Blogs You Have to Read Before the End of 2017!


We have officially reached the final quarter of 2017 (whether we want to accept it or not!), and we feel that there are a lot of blogs out there still to check out, particularly ones of a sales focus. While there has arguably been an influx of articles already written on ‘great Sales blogs to read', many often include sites which are not regularly updated, or lack a real focus on Sales, or even a category archive dedicated to Sales!

So, we made a point of compiling a list that includes only blogs with a strong focus on Sales, and with regular submissions to the site. We hope you find this useful, and perhaps even discover a new blog that you might not have come across before (these are in no particular order).

1. The Sales Blog

The Sales Blog is a great resource bank of information owned and run by Anthony Iannarino; an international speaker, author, sales leader, and entrepreneur. His articles come on a daily basis, offering tips on selling and first-hand experience of his time as a sales leader. He also hosts a regular podcast called ‘In the Arena’, which features some well-known guests from the sales industry.

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2. SalesPOP!

SalesPOP!, the media hub of CRM provider Pipeliner, boasts an extensive database of sales based articles tailored to training, management, leadership, and CRM. Their ‘True Sales Tales’ category also turns experiences from sales professionals into helpful guides and toolkits for other salespeople to benefit from. With a large team of writers, both in-house and regular guest contributors, SalesPop! is a wonderful source of sales based content, which is also updated very frequently.

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3. Hubspot

If you’re not already aware, Hubspot actually has 3 blogs – one for Sales, one for Marketing, and one for Customer Success. That’s a lot of content! And it’s no question that they feature on our list, as simply Googling terms such as: ‘Sales Metrics’ and ‘Good Sales Strategies’, puts Hubspot on page one of search results. Its sales blog is full of useful tips and tricks for salespeople at both management and entry level.

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4. Close.io

Close.io has a very interesting blog that offers free templates and downloads to help salespeople better their game plans when it comes to customer acquisition. There are also lots of ‘How To’ guides with plenty of actionable insights for the reader, all written in a very thought-provoking, yet concise, format. On a side note, Close.io wins our vote for the best use of imagery of all the blogs on this list!

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5. Sales Hacker

One of the big hitters, to the point of blasphemy if not mentioned in a blog post about great Sales blogs, is Sales Hacker. Comprised of key industry influencers well versed in the realm of Sales and Marketing, this blog is fully equipped to answer all of your sales based questions. They also host regular webinars and even offer online courses (some are free!) in B2B sales training for those who want to channel their inner academic and roll with the pros!

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InsightSquared’s blog, RAMP, is packed with great insights, offering tips and advice from its sales operations and sales leadership article categories. It also makes for an interesting addition to our list because of its strong focus on sales intelligence and data analytics, with an entire section of the blog dedicated to SaaS best practices.

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7. B2B Lead Blog

Brian Carroll, founder and key contributor to the B2B Lead Blog, is a man who knows what he’s talking about. As CEO of a company that focuses predominantly on growing customer relationships and empathy-based marketing, he knows a lot about sales management and lead nurturing. The B2B Lead Blog exemplifies this with categories dedicated to inside sales, lead qualification and thought leadership.

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8. Sales Gravy

Another blog that boasts a regular podcast, as well as more than 50 article categories to choose from (several related specifically to sales), is Sales Gravy. And with regular guest contributions from over 100 sales professionals around the world, this blog certainly lives up to its description: free sales training resources from the top sales experts, authors, and trainers.

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9. Teamgate CRM

It’s refreshing to find a blog that really aims to help readers and offer them actionable insights from first-hand experience; and that’s exactly what the Teamgate blog does. Separated into 3 categories: How-To Guides, Mindset, and Lessons Learned, every article offers something of extreme value to the reader. Probably most notable is the Lessons Learned category, where posts are written to coincide directly with previous experiences and roadblocks that the company faced.

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10. Sales For Life

As well as running workshops and online courses for sales professionals, Sales for Life also hosts a very informative blog on its site called: The Sales Review, which helps readers to uncover the best tactics and strategies to align with the modern buyer. It also strives to become the most trusted sales resource for every single client.

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11. Nudge

Dubbed: ‘Content for the Next Generation of Sales Leaders’, the Nudge blog offers just that. Having also started hosting sales based webinars recently, there is every reason for a salesperson to check out this blog and pick up some fresh tips on a variety of topics, such as: Social Selling, Account Based Selling, Customer Success, etc.

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12. SalesLoft

SalesLoft promises to deliver insightful articles and infographics help readers learn, while also keeping them from settling to be average – yes, they actually state that in the description of their blog. Having perused through the very informative articles they craft for their loyal readers, it’s fair to say that this blog is most certainly anything but average. It covers everything from pipeline management to lead nurturing, account based selling, and prospecting. And don’t forget to keep an eye out on their eBooks page for new uploads!

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13. SalesFolk

With an interesting focus on sales emails, SalesFolk offers some refreshing insights into the ambiguous world of content creation and cold emailing. The blog is centred around these areas, and while arguably very specific and confined, it’s always valuable to have access to such a resource that can help uncover the mystery of the cold email phenomenon.

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14. Sales Pro Insider

Sales Pro Insider, a consultative agency specialising in training for sales, customer service and coaching, offers compelling content to its readers. With the majority of articles being written by Sales guru Nancy Bleeke, who is also the Founder and CEO of Sales Pro Insider, this is another great blog that needs to be bookmarked!

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15. Selling Power

A publishing site dedicated entirely to sales content, and with regular contributions from top sales leaders from successful companies, Selling Power is a great resource to keep tabs on. It actually hosts 3 different blogs on the site (Selling Power, Sales 3.0, and Sales Leadership), as well as a monthly magazine available for readers to subscribe to.

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16. The Sales Hunter

Not only does Mark Hunter run a successful blog that covers a wide range of topics related to sales, but he has also written a book entitled: High-Profit Prospecting: Powerful Strategies to Find the Best Leads and Drive Breakthrough Sales Results – so it’s safe to say that he’s a man of experience when it comes to sales content! As such, it comes as no surprise that The Sales Hunter blog is a great source of knowledge for anyone with an interest in the industry.

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17. Yesware

Yesware, an all-in-one sales toolkit that helps users to connect with prospects and track customer engagement, also has a pretty cool blog. Two categories are focused entirely on Sales, and their posts certainly get a lot of traction. As specialists in email marketing for Salespeople, these guys know a lot when it comes to understanding customer behaviour and implementing good sales email techniques.

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18 Salesforce

It would be ludicrous to exclude Salesforce from a post about great Sales blogs; thankfully, we didn’t. There is not one article within this blog archive that lacks helpful information for anyone seeking guidance on sales based matters. Each post promises a clear benefit from the title alone, whether it’s a step-by-step success guide, or a case study.

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19. SalesHub

Despite being an inbound marketing agency, SalesHub can produce some pretty great Sales content too (I guess the name suggests that!). They cover everything from topics about sales enablement/processes, Artificial Intelligence, sales tools, training, and consultancy…just to name a few! This blog is definitely one worth checking out, particularly for those interested in having a blend of both Sales and Marketing content (there are still separate categories for each).

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